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My World My Town is brand new communications website that was created right here in Rush Co. Indiana. It takes the power of social media, webpages, emails and combines them all, giving organizations and their members the ability to communicate and streamline information like never before!
Check out this Demo page that was created for a church, and see how it places its webpage, social page ie faceook, etc all in one place, so that its members no longer have to bounce around from place to place, it’s all under one roof. Organizations can also send out post to its members and create events. Members within the group can now email other members without storing email addresses. The advantages for organizations and their members who use My World My Town are endless.

My World My Town was created specifically for 2 reasons. 1) So that Communities, organizations and businesses, could create an information page to place all of their information including their outreach tools like websites,social media and emails in one location which allows their members to
receive and share information in a very unique, orderly and friction free environment.
2) To create a personalized eco-system so that People who are members of one or several organizations or groups could after (joining each of their organizations MWMT page) have a place to house them in one easy to reach place without all of the distractions that come with typical social websites.
To see a more in-depth look at what MWMT can do for your organization, community or for you as a member of a MWMT organization(s) tap HERE.

If you have any questions about this site or would like to learn how your organization, group or club can create a My World My Town Homepage, email Stu Linville at Or if you are already registered on My World My Town just find Stu in the members list and send a message.

How To Search The Organizations Page

(FYI, tap on any words in “blue” for more detailed information)

As more and more organizations join the My World My Town Platform Searching for specific organizations in Rush County will be very easy to conduct!
Currently there are several ways you c…

The More The Easier!

As more and more organizations create a page on the My World My Town platform, the easier it will be for members of those organizations to keep track of all the happenings, events, other members etc within each group! It is our goal to keep advertisements o…

Not allow comments when sending a post

You as the organization can send out a post leaving no option for a member to comment on it as this post illustrates. When you open the post you will see no comment box!

Ability to Allow Comments

When Creating a Post you as the organization have the ability to allow or not allow members to comments regarding that particular post! In this post commenting is allowed!
+_If an organization allows comments, a person must be a member of the organizatio…

Send Attachments and more with your Post!

It’s easy to send a PDF attachment or multiple attachments with your post! After the article has been posted your members will need to open the post fully by tapping on the articles headline and there the attachment will be! Not only can you send attachment…

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