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Nancy SchroederPRINCIPAL

300 N. Walnut St.
Milroy IN 46156

Phone: 765.629.2323 Fax: 765.629.2250

Milroy Elementary’s Fast Links:

Upcoming Events


Dec. 18 AR Movie 2-6 3:15-6:00
Dec. 19 All Pro Dads 7:15 a.m.
Dec. 19 AR Movie K-1 3:15-4:00
Dec. 19 Science Club 3:15-4:30
Dec. 21 Christmas Program Grades K-4 @ 6:00
Dec. 22 End of First Semester
Dec. 25-Jan.5 Chri…

Milroy's All Pro Dad's Chapter To Resume!

Hey Milroy Elementary School Dads! We are relaunching Milroy’s All Pro Dad chapter and will be having our first meeting of 2017 next Tuesday, January 24th. Load up the kids and come for breakfast and fellowship in the school cafeteria. Feel free to …

Report Cards

Report Cards will be sent home with students!

Reminder, you can save the Milroy Elementary School My World My Town Homepage on your smart phone home screen or on your laptop so you can view and find any info about Milroy Elem School quickly! Don’t forg…

Girls Basketball Schedule Page

To help out parents who want to access information quickly without taking valuable time to hunt and search I have created a “site page” that has the girls basketball schedule listed. this page will always be in the same location so that when you nee…

Join The Milroy PTO Page

To keep up on what’s happening with the Milroy PTO join the communication page that is dedicated specifically to the group! (This is currently a demo page to show how beneficial this platform could be for the group and the school!) Tap here

Super Chat Podcast

To listen to the August super chat pod cast go to the “fast link” in the intro box and tap on the super chat pod cast link!

Password Reset

We recently had some work done on the site. As a result, all of us who are registered on the site have to reset our password. Go to the login page and tap the “forgot password?” Enter your email address and it will send you a confirmation that email addres…

August Breakfast/Lunch Menu

Tap here to view August’s Breakfast/Lunch menu!

Keeping Track Just Got Easier

Keeping track of your child’s school events and other related information just got much easier!
With this communication page, conceived right here in Rush County you will find that not only can you receive the latest school post much like Facebook,…

2016 School Supply List

To see the 2016 Milroy Elem school supply list tap here!

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