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Welcome to the Rush County School’s Communication Platform! By plugging into this page you will be kept in the loop of all the happenings of YOUR School system without unwanted advertisements and other distracting post. In order to have access to all information on this page you MUST become a member of this page (free of charge) and be logged in.
If you look in our “Sub Organization” box you will find the homepages for All of the Schools in our system. If you have a child in any of them please join that page so that you can keep informed concerning your child’s education. By joining your child’s school homepage you will also be able to easily link to many useful sites such as the school’s calendar of events page, Harmony, sports calendar, just to name a few.
You can use this page like a regular Webpage by simply visiting the site and then exiting once you retrieve your information, or you can use it like social media where you can register on the My World My Town platform and then “Become a Member” of this page.
Once you become a member of this page all new post and events will show up on your personal MWMT homepage. Should you join other organizations that are plugged into the My World My Town platform they will also show up on your personal homepage. So, as more and more of the organizations “you” belong to plug into the MWMT platform you will now have all your important groups coming to you and their events onto ONE easy to read page. Pretty cool stuff. And btw, no advertisements or other distracting information will be in your way!
If you have a smart phone you can create a My World My Town short cut on your phone’s homepage and stay connected on the go. Again, no advertisements or other distracting post. Just the content you want, when you want it!
If using a smart phone, simply tap the phone number or email to contact, tap address to view location.

Matt Vance- Superintendent

330 W 8th Street
Rushville IN 46173

To contact Central office call: 765-932-4186


Password Reset

We recently had some work done on the site. As a result, all of us who are registered on the site have to reset our password. Go to the login page and tap the “forgot password?” Enter your email address and it will send you a confirmation that email addres…

Keeping Track Just Got Easier

Keeping track of your child’s school events and other related information just got much easier!
With this communication page, conceived right here in Rush County, you will find that not only can you receive the latest school post much like Facebook…

Closing and Delay Phone Calls:


Rush County Schools is continuing efforts to improve communication between our schools and parents through the use of technology. One method that we use to do this is by sending phone messages with important information. Currently, School Reach provi…

Make Up Day


April 1st will be a make-up day!


March Podcast Edtion


Here is your March Podcast Edition!


February Podcast


Here is your February Podcast Edition!


2 Hour Delay


Due to cold temperatures Rush County Schools will be on a 2 hr delay Monday 1-18-16.


Rush County Schools Safety Message


This is an informational message about a situation today at the high school.
This afternoon a bomb threat was made at RCHS.
Due to the quick action of the Rushville Police Department and School Officials an arrest has…

BRMS And RCHS Upcoming Events


Rushville Consolidated High School/ Benjamin Rush Middle School

December 15, January 5, 12, 19, 26 Little House on the Prarie Book Club Meetings
December 10-13 Madrigal Performances
December 15-17 B…

Upcoming Elementary School Events


December 14 Christmas Program K-4 6 pm (Arlington)
January 6 Report Cards
January 8 Sock Hop (Milroy)
December 15 Christmas Program K-2 6:30 (RESE)
January 13 PTG Meeting 7:30 (RESW)


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