Rush County Schools

Keeping Track Just Got Easier

Keeping track of your child’s school events and other related information just got much easier!
With this communication page, conceived right here in Rush County, you will find that not only can you receive the latest school post much like Facebook, but you will also be able to have and view upcoming events which are always in an easy to find location, be able to quickly link to the schools webpage or straight to a particular page on the schools webpage like the harmony login, Menu page etc without hunting or searching and without all the advertisements and other distracting post that typically get in your way on other social media platforms! But there’s more!
If the school chooses, it can create other communication pages such as a PTO, Sports, Various Clubs and link it to this page. If you choose to follow this page and/or other pages you will have all the latest post, events and "mini-webpage that will come to you instead of you going to it! You can also choose to join other groups (just the ones that interest you) that are tied to this page and have all of its information come to your personal page along with all the upcoming event! Again, without all the ads and distracting post associated with other social media platform!
Not only schools but other organizations you may be associated with that are plugged into the My World My Town Platform can come straight to your personal page. This platform is Mobile friendly so you can enjoy getting and receiving information on the go!
Some events are created for the public at large to view, others are created just for those who are members of that group. If you are not logged in and click on an event and it doesn’t open you must first logged in and join that page if you haven’t done so already, to view it. If you click on an event and are not logged in and it opens that means it is a “open to the public”!
Check this page and others that are on this platform out! If its something you think would make your life as a parent or guardian easier, let the school know that you would like to see them incorporate this. Right now this page and several others are demos only and has not been sanctioned by the Rush County School system. But most of the communication pages for each of the schools will be kept up to date with as accurately as possible for your convenience!

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