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June 9th - WANTED: PANAMA – A Tribute to Early Van Halen (Opener Breaking the Cycle)

About PANAMA – A Tribute to Early Van Halen:
Van Halen tribute PANAMA is the brainchild of front man, Ric D’Rose. After spending many years in original and cover bands, Ric felt inspired to form a tribute to one of the greatest rock bands in American history- early Van Halen. In an effort to replicate the hard driving beats of Alex Van Halen,the bass showmanship of Michael Anthony, the incredible guitar riffs of Eddie Van Halen, and the signature harmonies that comprised the band Van Halen from 1979-1984, Ric has assembled some of the best musicians in the industry.

The members of PANAMA recreate with great detail and energy, the early Van Halen concert experience. D’Roses impersonation of David Lee Roth is spot on. The vocals with Roth’s signature scream, blonde mane,stage acrobatics,flamboyant costumes,and party persona that defined “Diamond Dave” are all part of the show. The musicians in PANAMA exemplify entertainment and EVERY performance is aimed at engaging and delighting the audience. PANAMA has performed at numerous venues throughout the Midwest and is quickly becoming a fan favorite in the tribute industry. The line up of PANAMA is: Ric D’Rose as David Lee Roth , Tony Fondale as Eddie Van Halen, Jonny Olds as Michael Anthony, and Larry Kuchta as Alex Van Halen.

There is magic in the moment when musicians play together and it all just fits. You can feel a bands chemistry and if the chemistry is there (and it is with PANAMA) it’s a thing of beauty. That same chemistry is what defines all great bands. It is most assuredly what defined the original Van Halen. In 1985, many fans were depressed when David Lee Roth and the band split. The band was still phenomenal, but that “magic” was just not there anymore. It was the end of an era. PANAMA wants to bring back that magic, return you to a time when a group emerged from California to change the face of Rock and Roll- the legendary Van Halen. PANAMA is a high energy stage show complete with stage antics that are guaranteed to entertain.
(Above text copied from the PANAMA – A Tribute to Early Van Halen’s Webpage)

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July 7th - Louisville Crashers (Opener Rob Dixon Trio)

Widely recognized as one of the nation’s best party bands, The Louisville Crashers are the perfect band for any occasion. With their unparalleled energy, musicianship, and professionalism, they’ll keep your event rockin’ all night long!
Members of the Louisville Crashers have been certified as gold and platinum selling artists by the Recording Industry Association of America and the Canadian Recording Industry Association. They’ve also made appearances on the Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, The Grand Ole Opry, MTV, and many more. These outstanding musicians have toured all over the world, sharing the stage with world-famous artists such as Blake Shelton, Kid Rock, Aerosmith and Luke Bryan.
If you’re looking for world-class entertainment for your event, look no further than The Louisville Crashers.
(Above text copied from The Louisville Crashers Facebook Page)

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July 21st - Runaway June (Opener Sean Lamb Band)

There’s a sound that hasn’t been heard on country radio in quite some time – the sound of organic, three-part female harmonies, ringing strings and stories that speak the language of modern women everywhere. It’s a sound that was the backbone of a little group known as The Dixie Chicks, and now it’s making a comeback through a vocal trio called Runaway June.
(Above text copied from Runaway June’s Webpage)

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July 28th - Acrobat The U2 Tribute Show. (Opener Dave Muskett)

Based in Canada and touring internationally, ACROBAT – The U2 Tribute Band & Show was formed during U2’s 360 Tour. Members of the band have toured internationally, bringing the live U2 concert experience to hundreds of thousands of fans at packed music halls, festivals and corporate events across the USA and in Canada, Mexico, and South America. Past references include the presitgious House of Blues, Hard Rock, Revolution Live, and many other top music halls.
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August 11th – The Devon Allman Project With special guest Duane Belts (Opener The Easthills)

He is the founder and bandleader of Honeytribe, (also known as Devon Allman’s Honeytribe). In addition to creating two albums and leading multiple tours across North America and Europe with Honeytribe, Devon has contributed to several other musical recordings, including Vargas Blues Band and the A Song for My Father compilation album. Devon has appeared occasionally as a guest musician for Gregg Allman and The Allman Brothers Band. His other musical projects include the blues-rock supergroup Royal Southern Brotherhood and his first solo album “Turquoise” that was released in February 2013. After leaving Royal Southern Brotherhood the next year, he released “Ragged & Dirty” with The Devon Allman Band.
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Sep 15th – John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band (Opener The Why Store)

They first achieved success with a 1980 self-released single pairing two of their now-classic songs, “Wild Summer Nights” and Tender Years" which sold over 10,000 copies and enjoyed terrific radio play up and down the Atlantic seaboard. They finally achieved international success when producer Kenny Vance, offered them the score to a movie soundtrack he was producing based on a best-selling novel about a fictional legendary bar band, “Eddie & The Cruisers.” Thanks to frequent airings of the film on HBO and the purchase of the soundtrack album by their established fanbase as well as hundreds of thousands of new converts, “Eddie & The Cruisers – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” reached the top 10 on the Billboard 200 chart and produced a number 7 hit single On the Dark Side on the Billboard Hot 100. “On the Dark Side” also held number-one on the Billboard Rock Tracks chart for five weeks. The album was eventually certified triple Platinum by the RIAA.
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