Rush Memorial Hospital Foundation


Our Capital Campaign marks one of the most significant moments in our history. This funding campaign is focused on raising the necessary capital for the completion of the Pediatric Office Building. We are delighted to expand our facilities to care for the women and children of Rush County and are very grateful for the tremendous support of our generous lead donors, hospital staff and physicians. They have all set a tremendous example of thoughtful philanthropy.

There are meaningful opportunities for anyone in Rush County who is interested in the future of our children to participate in our capital funds campaign. Rush Memorial Hospital is committed to providing excellent health care to all women and children entrusted to our care. Private gifts continue to be a vitally important link that help to make our mission a reality. It cannot be stressed enough that the hospital welcomes and appreciates the generous support from our community.

The public phase of the capital funds campaign is a county-wide initiative reaching out to individuals, companies, associations and organizations to pledge their financial support. Pledges can be paid over three, five or even ten years and donors can give cash, stock, land or other assets of value. It is also possible for donors to make planned gifts that could provide a life income to a donor.

For more information about the Pediatric Office Building Campaign, find Faith Mock, Executive Director in the Members List to your right hand side, and send her a message.

Rush Memorial Hospital Foundation
PO Box 215
Rushville, IN 46173

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