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Mayor Mike Pavey

133 West 1st street
Rushville In 46173


Council Meetings are on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at at 270 W. 15th St., Rushville, IN 46173.

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Focusing on the Good Around us!

*The following is a post made by Brian Sheehan on his Facebook page. It is a post that is worth keeping in the front of people’s minds as Rushville deals with and navigates through some challenging times. Focusing on the positives and focusing on the future…

Rushville Indiana Has Had A Great 2017

(Text below copied from the City of Rushville’s Facebook page)

CITY – Projects
Feb. 2017 – New BEP Grant – $176,000 for 9 more projects
Feb. 2017 – Housing Study Completed
June 2017 – Waggoner Community Pool Painted
Aug. 2017 – Communit…

City-wide paving projects coming soon!!

Thanks to the City of Rushville and the State’s Community Crossing paving grant approximately 80% of our city’s roads will see improvement in the next couple of months. The project is expected to begin near the end of July, weather permitting. Dave O’Mara…

Tree Roots Damage Water Drains

If you live on the West Side of Wilson Estates or the East Side of Waggoner Drive you may have noticed some extra water in the backyard. The Street Dept. has been investigating and has determined the issue. Please be p…

Heavy Trash Update

Heavy Trash News

As a result of rising costs of our heavy trash program, it has become apparent that fiscally we need to scale back the program. The “free” heavy trash pick-up will be adjusted from a spring and fall pick-up, to just a fall pick-up. The…

State Road 44 Bridge To Close

State Road 44 bridge project starting east of Rushville
The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) has awarded a $474,817 contract to Duncan Robertson, Inc. to maintain and modernize the State Road 44 bridge over a branch of the Flatrock River locate…


Leasing to begin possibly by November. Contact Victoria Dake 812-376-9949. DETAILS BELOW:
Southern Indiana Housing and Community Development Corporation (SIHCDC) is excited to announce that construction on Campaign Flats Senior Apa…


Rushville and Rush County were awarded Community Crossing Matching Grants from INDOT. Rushville was awarded $827,366 and Rush County $127,000.
Projects that are eligible for funding through Community Crossings …


Notification of: Yellowbook’s Connersville/Rushville, IN Directory
During this time, Rushville will see an increase in phone books in the curbside and drop point recycling containers. As you may already know, the Yellowbook is 100% recyclable. …

Password Reset

We recently had some work done on the site. As a result, all of us who are registered on the site have to reset our password. Go to the login page and tap the “forgot password?” Enter your email address and it will send you a confirmation that email addres…