City of Rushville Indiana


Notification of: Yellowbook’s Connersville/Rushville, IN Directory
During this time, Rushville will see an increase in phone books in the curbside and drop point recycling containers. As you may already know, the Yellowbook is 100% recyclable.
Advance notice of deliveries and also contact information in case residents have any questions.
Below is the information regarding our upcoming delivery:
Directory – Connersville/Rushville, IN
Approximate Delivery Start Date – 11/10/2016
Approximate Delivery End Date – 12/1/2016
To order additional Yellowbook directories, please call 1-800-YB yellow (1-877-607-0775). Residents can opt-out by visiting and can learn more about recycling options at
Your out-of-date Yellowbook is 100% recyclable.
Did you know Yellowbooks are:
Made from recycled fiber, discarded wood chips & pulp
Printed with biodegradeable soy ink
Bound together with vegetable based glue
A new eco-friendly 7″×9″ size using 33% less paper
Recycled into new phone books, made into cellulose instulation and used to make packaging such as boxes and containers
Learn more at
(Text copied from the City of Rushville’s Facebook page)


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