City of Rushville Indiana

City-wide paving projects coming soon!!

Thanks to the City of Rushville and the State’s Community Crossing paving grant approximately 80% of our city’s roads will see improvement in the next couple of months. The project is expected to begin near the end of July, weather permitting. Dave O’Mara Paving is the contractor and has been working on ADA compliant crosswalks to prepare for the road improvements.

Work will include mill and resurfacing, rejuvenating and fog sealing. For a period of around 3-5 weeks, travel in Rushville will be challenging, but the end result will be drastically improved road surfaces throughout our entire town. Although we don’t have a schedule for work yet, we do know they will begin around the school campus to ensure this work is completed before school starts on Aug 9, at least that is the plan. Please stay tuned to our City Facebook page for up to the minute updates as we get them. As the crews are making their way through town, please be courteous and accommodating and follow posted parking instructions so that their crews can get in and out as quickly as possible and do so in a safe a manner.
(Above text copied from the City of Rushville’s Facebook page)


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