City of Rushville Indiana


Heavy Trash News

As a result of rising costs of our heavy trash program, it has become apparent that fiscally we need to scale back the program. The “free” heavy trash pick-up will be adjusted from a spring and fall pick-up, to just a fall pick-up. The fall pick-up is tentatively scheduled for late September. Exact dates will be announced at a later date.

The City of Rushville will offer a “Free Dump Week” for City of Rushville residents (no contractor trash) in the spring of the year. Any heavy trash brought to the Smiley Avenue Dump site (non-regulated items) during the week of May 2-6thand all items will be accepted free of charge.

To supplement the Heavy Trash Program, the City of Rushville has implemented a “Large and Regulated Trash for a Fee Program.” This program will be in place throughout the balance of the year. It will allow citizens to dispose of larger and regulated items throughout the year for a pick-up/disposal fee. To add value to our citizenry, we will pick up regulated items not normally picked up, such as electronics, refrigerators, and tires. Please call the Rushville Street Department for a list of approved pick-up items and prices.

As with last year’s guidelines, the traditional Heavy Trash program will have limitations of what can be picked up and how much will be picked-up. The Heavy Trash Program is designed for citizens that might have an old couch, mattress or miscellaneous large item(s) that want to get rid of. Citizens can sit heavy trash items in the designated areas and the Street Department will come and pick them up. There have been limits placed on heavy trash volume and loading time of heavy trash piles. Neither the Heavy Trash Program and/or the Large and Regulated Trash for a Fee Program is meant to be a means of disposing of large construction piles or emptying the entire contents of an abandoned house or building.

For example, if someone has a dishwasher they need to dispose of; the Street Department will come to the residence and pick that up for $15/per. Not only will this be a service to those who need to dispose of items during “non-heavy trash times” of the year, but it will also eliminate heavy trash and regulated items becoming an eyesore; sitting for long periods of time in yards.
If none of these options are desirable, please note that the city still staffs the Smiley Avenue Site where it offers dropping off loads of heavy trash (priced by load size), operates the Clean Green Rush FREE recycling center and the first Saturday of each month staffs the Tox-A-Way center (regulated trash).
Smiley Avenue Site hours:

Tuesday-Saturday- 8:00 am -4:00 pm

Feel free to contact the Street Department at (765) 932-2575 with any questions.