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Your time is extremely valuable! That’s why this platform was created! To cut through all the typical distractions associated that you find on other social media type platforms! Here, there are no advertisements, no ridiculous post, no political bashing post, just post from the organizations that you consider relevant/important! As more organizations that you follow join the My World My Town Platform the more beneficial it will become to you! Why? Assuming you register and “become a member” of the organizations that’s important to you, you will be able to check in and see if any groups have updated any post and quickly see the upcoming events of just the organizations you are following (again,without wading through unwanted post and ads) ! You can quickly jump to a particular organizations webpage or “specific webpage” without all the searching around. To learn more about what all the My World My Town Platform can do tap here!

This particular Page is not officially operated by the Westfield Indiana Washington Schools system. It is only a demo to show how it could be used by the school system and the students/parents to give/receive information using this new communications platform. Try it out and see what you think.
In order to have access to all information on this page, such as some of the event pages, you MUST become a member of this page (free of charge) and be logged in.
You can use this page like a regular Webpage by simply visiting the site and then exiting once you retrieve your information, or you can use it like social media where you can register on the My World My Town platform and then “Become a Member” of this page.
Once you become a member of this page all new post and events will show up on your personal MWMT homepage. Should you join other organizations that are plugged into the My World My Town platform they will also show up on your personal homepage! (To see more demo organizations that have been created for the Westfield area) Tap here! So, as more and more of the organizations “you” belong to plug into the MWMT platform you will now have all your important groups coming to you and their events onto ONE easy to read page. Pretty cool stuff. And btw, no advertisements or other distracting information will be in your way!
If you have a smart phone you can create a My World My Town short cut on your phone’s homepage and stay connected on the go. Again, no advertisements or other distracting post. Just the content you want, when you want it!

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